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Dance,Drama,Poetry and Music.

Throughout the fingo festival,many groups come from all around the Eastern Cape to showcase their talents e.g.University of Venda,viva Valia,Ndingo Johwa,Correctional service Groups,Sakhiziwe choral Gum Boots,Gospel Group,Female Dancers,Marimba,Hip hop Performances and many more.There are also artists from the main national arts festival program that come to the fingo festival to contribute their energies by extending their hand to the local and less privileged people of fingo e.g.Mari kanez.

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Childrens Programme

Approximately 50 children arrive daily.A proffesional teacher and an actress read to them selected children’s stories with fun inter-activity every morning.They are also entertained with games,making animals with folded paper(origami),given materials to draw/color their own art work and face painting.

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Intyatyambo Elityeni

Intyatyambo Elityeni is a women’s dialogue. A platform where women are allowed to talk and discuss their issues. Be it in the way they are treated in society or at home or in the work place. Intyatyambo is a flower. The name of our dialogue basically means or describes the hardships that women go through and with so many obstacles they still flourish. women are flowers that even if there is a territory they shall forever flourish.